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"I waited so long for relief. I was gobbling so many pills that didn’t help. I’m very thankful now. —Teena P.


“Facts, Nothing but facts…Upon surviving eighty-three years of life, it is obvious that we were fortunate enough back home [East Coast] to experience the very best of medical care. After moving three thousand miles as luck would have it, we came in contact with a Dr. L. R. DeLaney, a young lady with phenomenal healing powers. She actually made us feel better via e-mail.”
M & D Snyer


"Dr. DeLaney spend an hour with me on my first visit. She really listened to me while I explained all my problems. I finally have a PLAN to deal with my pain and am feeling much better than I did before I met her. —Jennifer C.


"The office is clean and relaxing. Dr. DeLaney’s staff is always pleasant and helpful. If I call the office with questions or problems, I hear back from them pretty quickly. —David B.


"I wasn’t sure what pain management was when my regular doctor sent me to Dr. DeLaney. Now I can’t believe that I didn’t see her sooner. I didn’t realize that I had options other than just to live with the pain. I’m able to enjoy my life again. —Jim T.


“My neurologist did not adequety (sic) address my pain. I saw Dr. DeLaney, who intently listened to my concerns and we discussed the various options each of which lessened my pain, progressively allowing me to continue life more normally. Her demeanor and bedside manner is the best of any doctor who has treated me for chronic pain. She has improved the quality of my life.”—Randall L.


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