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Spine Fractures

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Painful spine fractures are a common side effect of osteoporosis and the natural aging process. To fix fractures in your spine, Leslie DeLaney, MD, offers percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty at Balanced Pain Management in Walnut Creek, California. This minimally invasive, in-office procedure can relieve fracture pain and stabilize the integrity of your spine. Dr. DeLaney also offers resources to help you prevent additional spine fractures in the long run and to protect your overall spine health. Call Balanced Pain Management or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about available treatments for spine fractures.

Spine Fractures Q & A

Vertebral Fractures in COVID-19 Linked to Mortality

Vertebral fractures appear to be common in people with severe COVID-19, and also raise the mortality risk, findings from a retrospective cohort suggest.

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What causes spine fractures?

Spine fractures are breaks in the bones of your spinal vertebrae. Fractures can result from trauma to the spine due to falls, an auto accident, or sports-related injuries.

You may also be prone to spinal fractures as you get older and degenerative changes occur in your spine. If you have arthritis or osteoporosis, your risk for spinal compression fractures during low-impact activities increases because your bones may not be strong enough to support your spine.


What are the symptoms of spine fractures?

Spine fractures can occur anywhere along your spine but are most likely to develop in your lumbar (lower back) and thoracic (mid-back) spine.  Following a fracture, you may experience persistent pain in these areas of your back, especially after movement.

If a fracture occurs near your spinal cord or nerves, you may also experience numbness, weakness, and tingling in your arms and legs. In serious fractures near the spinal cord, you can have additional complications like bladder and bowel dysfunction.

If you suspect you have a spinal fracture after a traumatic event, you should seek emergency medical attention at the nearest hospital. If you need treatment for a diagnosed fracture, Dr. DeLaney can help.


How are spinal fractures treated?

To treat moderate to severe spine fractures, Dr. DeLaney uses percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty techniques. She performs this minimally invasive procedure in-office to relieve your pain and improve the stability of your spine.

During percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty, Dr. DeLaney makes a small incision over the fractured vertebrae in your spine. She uses advanced imaging from ultrasound or fluoroscopy technology to guide a needle into the proper position.

Attached to the needle is a small balloon that Dr. DeLaney inflates to restore the height of the damaged vertebrae. After deflating the balloon, she injects a special bone cement. The cement hardens quickly to heal your fracture and stabilize your spine.


What are the benefits of balloon kyphoplasty for spine fractures?

Balloon kyphoplasty is an effective treatment option for spine fractures that requires minimal recovery time. This procedure can also reduce your reliance on pain medications and help you return to your usual activities without pain or disability.

To reduce your risk for additional fractures, Dr. DeLaney can recommend lifestyle and dietary changes you need to make. She can also suggest exercises that improve your overall bone health.

If you need treatment for spine fractures, learn more about the benefits of balloon kyphoplasty by calling Balanced Pain Management or by scheduling an appointment online today.