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Medical Weight Loss

Balanced Pain Management

Leslie R DeLaney, MD

Pain Management & Alternative Medicine located in Walnut Creek, CA

The LeanMD medical weight loss program available at Balanced Pain Management can help you achieve your weight loss goals. At the office in Walnut Creek, California, experienced physician Leslie DeLaney, MD, carefully designs your LeanMD diet plan to your specific needs so you can enjoy weight loss success. Dr. DeLaney helps you incorporate more fresh foods into your diet and works with you on lifestyle changes to achieve and maintain healthy body weight. Find out more about the benefits of the LeanMD program by calling Balanced Pain Management or by booking an appointment online today.

Medical Weight Loss Q & A

Why should I consider medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss is more than just a diet. The LeanMD medically supported weight loss program available at Balanced Pain Management focuses on helping you lose weight safely. The personalized diet also helps you maintain your weight loss results over time.

You should consider medical weight loss if you’re having difficulty losing weight on your own and want to improve your overall health. By achieving a healthy body weight, you can significantly reduce your risk for serious and chronic health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes.


What’s involved in medical weight loss?

The LeanMD medical weight loss program at Balanced Pain Management focuses on eating real, fresh foods and using the guidance of an easy-to-follow diet plan to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

The program involves no processed or packaged foods, and you can connect with Dr. DeLaney online for weigh-ins and resources you need to stay on track. You receive important resources to support weight loss, including recipes, shopping lists, a weight tracker, and a personalized weight loss manual.

As a board-certified physician, Dr. DeLaney works with you virtually in three phases to assess your health goals and support your weight loss results.

Phase 1: Weight loss

During this phase, you receive a personalized rapid weight loss plan to help you lose weight safely and effectively under Dr. DeLaney’s close supervision.

Phase 2: Transition to success

In Phase 2, you learn the techniques and tools you need to sustain the weight loss you achieve in the long-term.

Phase 3: Sustainable loss

During the sustainable loss phase, Dr. DeLaney provides continued support with virtual monthly weight check-ins to help you keep off excess pounds for good.


What are the benefits of medically supported weight loss?

The LeanMD medically supported weight loss program offers many benefits over other weight loss methods. With Dr. DeLaney’s guidance and support, you can expect to lose weight more efficiently without risking your health.

Dr. DeLaney has extensive experience in safe weight loss. The LeanMD program is beneficial because your personalized plan focuses on your individual health needs. Dr. DeLaney prioritizes your safety and helps you avoid the pitfalls of fad and unsafe diets.

Medically supported weight loss not only helps lower your risk for chronic disease but also enables you to achieve your own weight loss and health goals. Steady, healthy weight loss ensures you look and feel your best, and the LeanMD program provides the tools you need to maintain your results.

If you’re looking for safe, effective weight loss results, call Balanced Pain Management to find out more about the benefits of the LeanMD program or schedule a consultation online today.